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ProLIC (Progresssive LIC) addresses the low computational performance of LIC by exploiting the intrinsic parallelism of this image-space based texture synthesis technique (which though can also be implemented through an object-space based value scattering process [60]). The original flow field is decomposed into N x N interleaving sub-fields that are handled one by one by LIC to refine the overall output image until the full resolution is achieved. As LIC is progressively performed (Figure 1), the user may choose an ROI (Region of Interest, Figure 2) based on the available sketch view to confine ProLIC. ProLIC is well suited for network-based flow visualization due to the quick overview capability and due to incremental computation and rendering amenable to low-bandwidth data transmission. Click movies #1 and #2 to see how ProLIC works.

Figure 1. An intermediate LIC image obtained as ProLIC (3 x 3) completes three sub-fields.
Figure 2. ProLIC coupled with an ROI selection.
Line Integral Convolution
Flow Visualization